domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Night by Elie Weisel

I cannot speak about Night. I talked to a friend trying to find the words, but it is impossible. We spent the night talking, and still it did not happen. It is so hard to say something that does not sound stupid. We probably think too much. I mean, what is war? What is peace?  What is to be mentally sane? Not knowing? And to be mad? Is being mad perceiving what others don’t?...

We talked for hours, as we usually do, but this time it was different, I do not think we had an answer, because might be there is not one. Peace? Is that what we really need? We do not know what peace is, I do not think anybody knows what peace is. We have never lived in peace, and we will never live in it. I do not know what the world needs, I just know it is heart/mind-breaking to see what is going on in the world, to see what reality was and still is for some people, we blame it on other people, we can say there is nothing we can do about it, but there is. I do not know what would be better for the world, I know it may sound cruel and cold, but wars are useful... They make us grow, they make us realize what we have, and what we can loose in a second, wars make us question what was/is going on in peoples minds. Why did Hitler did what he did? I have no idea, what led him to think that way? I do not know. I do not think Hitler thought what he was doing was wrong at all... Why is it wrong to us? What is right and what is wrong? Shall we fight a war that is not to us to fight?.. I do not know. I guess the story is more meaningful to me because I know it happened, I know people suffered that and more. Real life? What is real life to us? Compare your "reality" with another person, not your neighbor, but compare what "real life" is for you now, and what it is for a WWII survivour, compare it to a starving boy in Africa. Is that real? It is, for them, but not for us, not for you, not for me... So what is real?...  I am desperate to find an answer to all of the questions in my head, questions that maybe just do not have an answer, What can I do to change the world?... Nothing? I do not think so. For what do you wake up in the morning? Routine? Just another day at school? What did you did yesterday to change something?... I may not know the answer, I just know I do not want to sit back and see how people are breaking, how people are crying, how people are dying... I am tired of saying "I can't". What if we start saying "I can"... What if?... And again... Night... War... Peace... I still have nothing to say, or might be just too much... Night, by Elie Weisel. 

(Find 10 minutes to watch this video... )

Ps. I am not sorry for writing what I wrote, it was for me and I do not care anymore... I am sorry for you, if you do not get it and think I am crazy and weird for actually THINKING. 

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  1. Why would you be sorry? This is one of your best posts. This is what I want from you: that you think on your own, out of the box. Do not be sorry for me, because I do get it. Your work is great.

  2. I know you knew I would read you. And this is my "intellingent" comment about this:

    I am desperate to find an answer to all of the questions in my head, questions that maybe just do not have an answer. (15th line)


    Blog, by Tanit López read by Karina Rivero

    Gosssh, I cannot believe I'm going to click "Publsih comment" Haha