jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011


What do people mean by "conclusion"? It means closure, to finish something, the end of something. The end of one year of teaching, of learning. Well we did learned something, if not it would have been a waste of "time". I "enjoyed" the course, it was really just a fun class to see coming. You know when we all see what class is next, it was just a happy feeling to know it was literature next. I know I will continue reading, I know a lot of people will continue reading, I know we all changed throughout this year, after all it was time right? And people change with it. Ahmm... I liked this course, you are a great teacher, thank you for being ours! 

I just realized this is my last post... And I just reread all of them... They look kind of different.

Fahrenheit 451

What did I thought of the book? I actually liked it a lot. It reminded me a little of the movie "The Book of Eli" (You should see it). It got me thinking what if the world really stopped reading? What if the books were prohibited for us. What would we do then? Would you be Montag or his wife? Of course it would be different now, we have at least read one book in our life and even doe some people say they hate reading, I do not believe that. When things are prohibited somehow they look a lot more interesting to do. What if books were really prohibited? 

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

I am asking to myself when did it became so hard to write down words... No answer. But you know what? This is what this play got me thinking. I had been complaining a lot saying why did we not read the book? Why did we saw the movie?... I was thinking and thinking Shakespeare is recognized now a days because of what he WROTE... but then I thought to myself... He is also recognized because of his plays.. and plays are not just written, they are ACTED. I know Shakespeare was not the director of the movie, so I decided to see beyond it and I realized I did not actually liked it a lot. For me it was way too happy, I am not a real fan of happy endings because for me they are too corny, but again, I decided to see beyond all the happiness of the story, and... I liked it. 

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Shakespeare's Life

What can I say of Shakespeare's life? I mean, after all, it is just another life right? I know some lives deserve to be remembered and told by everyone, and that they should be in history books. But I mean what makes a life worth of telling? Might be it is of all the things Shakespeare provided to us, might be it is of all the written work he did. But I mean, his works are not just written, he is a "real" inspiration. I mean, you can say he is famous and he wrote a lot of things, but if you just say that then you stay in the history books. If you read what he wrote, if you really truly pay attention to what he wanted to say through what he wrote, then you would see there is more of him to remember than just being the guy who is famous and wrote Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet.


Taxi by Amy Lowell

This is a very flexible and short poem. I kind of liked it, depending on which way you see it. I did not liked it if you say it is a poem written by a broken hearted person, that just went out of her relationship. I mean, might be because that just seems really silly to me. But in a way of all the metaphors it includes I really  liked it. I mean, I loved the way it compares a time in her life to riding a taxi, and I mean, in someway our life is that way.

Exile by Julia Alvarez

I know I ......... I don't know.

I liked this poem a lot. It is different, because it is written as narrative, and that makes it much more interesting. What I liked the most was the metaphors she used of the swimming in the beach and of the actually moving to a whole different country. I enjoyed reading it because I think it represents a lot of people, and a lot of things people from the Latina movement went through. I would read this again a lot of times, it is very interesting.

Revolting Rhymes (Snow White) by Roald Dahl

Unfortunately I was absent when my class read this, but now that I read it by my own I think it would have been funny to read it with everyone. I liked this reading a lot because I liked that even doe it is a story taken from a children's story it is completely adapted to grown ups. I like how he adapted the story and made it seem like a really funny movie. I know it is hard for it to happen now a days, but still I believe it is more "believable" to happen, than that "happy ending" story we all grew up with. I could see in the story that everything seemed to rhyme and that was really amazing. I really liked it, and I laughed a lot.