domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

What is poetry?

What is poetry?.. Again, we get to the point where we can not give an exact definition to the word. Poetry is many things. In form, you could say poetry are lines and stanzas, but in content it is where it gets hard to explain. We all agree poetry is art, but again, what is art? Art is what causes an aesthetic experience on you, so, poetry is what makes you laugh or cry, what makes you want to do something, or do nothing, poetry is art. I have to define which type of art poetry is, it is like a painting on a wall, but without paint, poets use words instead. Poetry is many things to different people, it can be in form or it can be in content, so why do not join this two? Poetry is something you can not describe, poetry is what provokes an intense emotion on you while you read it, but still keeping that fine and elegant form it has. To know what poetry is, you have to read it. Do you want an exact definition? Well, there is not one, want to know what poetry is, read it, analyze it, eat it, be it.  

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  1. Amen. Definitionless.. like when you make me stay awake all night thinking about stuff like this. You rock!