miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

What is Art?

It can sound as a simple question, but when you really try to define it it stops being simple and it becomes very complex. Yes, we can define art as something beautiful, but being beautiful is not the only condition. First of all art will always be made from humans to humans, it can not be a beautiful sunset or mountains, it has to be created by a human being. The second condition is that it is an "effort" to create beauty. In the beauty part I agree but I also think art does not has to be an effort to create it, you can just do it because you want to. And the last thing, but for me one of the most important things, it has to provoke an aesthetic experience. This means it has to cause an impact on people as they watch it. Art is something beautiful created by man, something created for humans to cause an impact on the way people feel.

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