miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Shakespeare's Life

What can I say of Shakespeare's life? I mean, after all, it is just another life right? I know some lives deserve to be remembered and told by everyone, and that they should be in history books. But I mean what makes a life worth of telling? Might be it is of all the things Shakespeare provided to us, might be it is of all the written work he did. But I mean, his works are not just written, he is a "real" inspiration. I mean, you can say he is famous and he wrote a lot of things, but if you just say that then you stay in the history books. If you read what he wrote, if you really truly pay attention to what he wanted to say through what he wrote, then you would see there is more of him to remember than just being the guy who is famous and wrote Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet.


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  2. I agree, too. There's more to him than meets the eye... when reading him. The same as all of us, don't you think? Bleh, I know you do.

    "Supreme comment" I had to do it, then repost. ha.