sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

Everyday Use by Alice Walker

I really enjoyed this short story a lot, really, i loved it. There is a lot of history behind the story, which makes the story more interesting and real. I liked a lot the heritage things the author includes in the story, it made me reflect a lot on really how much we are proud of our heritage, are we a Dee or a Maggie. We can be "proud" of our roots, and say where we come from, have pictures of it, and we can even be named after our ancestors, but is that really enough? Or we could be Maggie, proud of our roots, proud to say, but not only that, proud to use them everyday, make them "everyday use". The ending of the story is a very good one for my point of view, it shows the difference between the two sisters, but not only that, it shows where the mother stand on. In the beginning of the story it looks from the description as if the mother "admires" Wangero (Dee) she idealizes her in someway, saying how pretty she is and how free she has become to be. But in the end I guess the mother realizes that "being free" as Wangero was, being "happy" , is nothing if you can't enojoy it with your family, happines is nothing if you can't share it. Wangero wanted the quilts to hang them and desplay them, like the pictures she took, I guess she wants to proove to the people where she now lives, where she comes from and how far she has come. But Maggie, she is happy, even doe the author says she is shy and "not strong and pretty" for me, Maggie is stronger, she has overcome much more things in life, and staying with her mother prooves it. I guess the story has a lot of things we can reflect on, not only heritage things, but a lot. It may looks as a simple story, but again, all stories can be simple, I guess it depends on the reader, as for someone the story can look just like that, a story, I guess it ment a lot more to me. 

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